Kix believes kids are re-inventing the definition of creativity, to taking what is already there and remixing it into something totally new.

This view on creativity is totally changing how kids will one day change the world, and Kix wanted to empower and fuel this type of creative thinking. This lead us to thinking about their greatest asset for creativity - the Kix box. We created something revolutionary in the cereal aisle - a box you could take apart and play with right at the breakfast table. Every box included a character you could punch out, as well as additional pieces to build whatever you could come up with. The box became a real and tangible exampled of this new definition of creativity, inspiring kids everywhere to keep on creating.

Short Stories

Every box included a link out to short stories that matched the character on the box. Each story brought the character into the narrative, bringing the box to life through simple animations and storytelling.

Social Content

To further the new brand purpose, we created a Facebook page full of ideas and quotes to inspire this new kind of creativity in their kids. 

Communication Arts
The Dieline

Rachel Hardacre: Creative Direction, Designer
Brian Danaher: Lead Designer
Elias Martinez: Lead Creative
Keith VanErdwyk: Design